Access Control systems

Access Control System connect with WIFI or LAN to Server.

The user brings his/her card close to the control panel. It reads the card circuit and sends the information to the server through its communication system.

In the server, there is a special table of permission to enter or leave, which returns the corresponding permission to the above circuit based on the relevant artificial intelligence.

If the person is allowed at this time and place, the door will be opened for the user.

Door Locks

Door Lock system:

We have 3 type Door lock system.

Type1: The handle can be installed on the doors. With a variety of plastic or metal materials. These fittings are imported from China or Europe and are managed by the circuits of this collection.

Type2: Using stickers and electric counters on the door frame and installing the circuit on the wall or on the door.

Type3: The use of all kinds of hardware on the back strap and tortoise on the door and installing the circuit on the wall or on the door.


Net IO – IoT – Internet of things



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