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About me

Phone: +98-913-327-4867 E-mail:

We work on access control products and solutions.

RFID ,Biometric ,other peripherals can use on access control systems.

This company work since 1988 started via thermals control for textile dye and textile fabric Jacard system on DOS and 80.286  cpu.

We made HT Sample Dye machine for laboratory.

At 2001 we worked on RFID for Door lock system and programming web service via asp3 and ajax for online controls locks and UHF car and vehicles.

At 2005 we worked on Access control solutions .

1– microcontroller team

2– windows application team

3– Database team

4– web application team

5– installation team

6– tester team

7– learner team

8– sell and office team

Our job time is 08:00 to 16:30 All day of week

Friday is our holiday.


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